Our mission is to provide flexible M&A consulting solutions for companies $1MM - $100MM in revenue.

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growth planning

$125 per hour — Our most popular item! Owners often need assistance making a strategic plan to achieve their growth goals. Topics include sales and product development, operations efficiencies, hiring and staff development policies, M&A benchmarks and creation of a road map to achieve your corporate development goals.
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exit planning

$125 per hour — One of our specialties! We offer guidance on the topic of Building A Salable business and maximizing your enterprise valuation. Topics include education and audit of key acquisition metrics, succession planning, corporate development and creation of a plan towards sale.
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Valuation Analysis

Hourly or Flat Fee — Corporate valuation requires deep industry vertical expertise and current market M&A conditions. We can help you develop and understanding of the current valuation of your enterprise and trends for future valuation.
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Hourly and/or Percentage of Sales — Consider our team and extension of your sales force without the commitment of hiring full time W2 staff. Our B2B biz dev solutions can be as simple as Rolodex Introductions or a dedicated sourcing and outreach to key enterprise accounts on your behalf.
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startup planning

$75 per Hourly — Starting your next venture? Schedule a consultation to discuss MVP, Go To Market strategy, Building a Salable Business, operational structure and more. Reduced cost to fit a start-up friendly budget.
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No Fee / Donation in Kind — Submit your organizations philanthropic needs. We’d be happy to discuss!
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Sell Your Business

Retainer + Success Fee — Ready to exit? We are licensed business brokers and love helping owners realize their exit goals. Selling a business can take 6 - 18 months of preparation, planning and execution. We will help you plan your exit, maximize your valuation, prepare corporate sale materials including CIM, website and NDA, then source and manage conversations with potential acquirers as well as liase with your legal and financial teams during due diligence.
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Acquisition Strategy Management

Retainer + Success Fee — Are you in Acquisition Mode? One of our specialties is the management of buy-side acquisition strategies. We will help you identify sub-verticals of interest, develop a target landscape, creation of communication materials, manage the outreach to targets, facilitate introductions and preliminary due diligence requests.
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Retainer and/or Success Fee — We serve as an independent placement agent for strategic corporate and private equity partners focus on growth. These investors offer minority and majority equity partnerships and deep resources for rapid growth.
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Retainer and/or Success Fee — Often approaching a market competitor can be an adversarial. We serve as a neutral third party to approach and explore mergers between market competitors and bring the parties together to dialogue about teaming up for market expansion.
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Success Fee — Owners often want to acquire real estate for their operations. We are licensed real estate agents in the state of California. Ask us about your real estate acquisition or sale needs.
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