Funding the Freedom Gene


People often ask why the name Kennedy Capital?

It is a name representative of the spirit of growth and optimism that is uniquely American - the fundamental belief that anything is possible - which fondly refer to as the Freedom Gene.

Access to capital is critical to the success of any great innovator. We aim to be consultants and capital finders for America’s small business ecosystem.


Zoe brings nearly 20 years of growth and business development experience to her Mergers & Acquisitions firm. Starting her career in real estate and lending, Zoe has founded several companies including a marketing agency, a mobile payment gateway tech app in Austin, an executive coaching agency and an emerging professionals membership organization eventually acquired.

The diversity of experience that Zoe brings allows her to offer wide as well as deep expertise in evaluating strengths and weaknesses in businesses seeking growth, investment, or exit.

Notable Achievements:
40 Under 40, Portland Business Journal
Chair, Giving Group, University Club
Mentor, Social Venture Partners
Advisor to Prime Minister, Tibetan Government in Exile
Traveled to 20 countries and 6 continents
Lived Abroad in Lausanne, Switzerland


Jaclyn has a background in finance and lending. She brings her expertise in data research and analytics to drive robust strategies and sourcing resources to our clients buy and sell needs.

SAMANTHA POLLARD, Marketing Coordinator

Samantha spearheads the deployment of our company and client outreach and marketing efforts. Her diligence and expertise in digital marketing plays a vital role in our success and the success of our clients’ M&A and B2B business development needs.


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San Francisco Bay Area
Carlsbad, CA

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